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Friday, November 6, 2015

Chatroulette for smartphone: a real Android App free to use!

Wanna use your smartphone for have fun in a chatroulette without use your Desktop PC? If you have an android phone this is really possible and is total free.
Chatrolette for mobile phone

This App, that you will fin in Google Play Store, is called Chat Alternative, and work as the classic Chatroulette you can find on the web, but this application is optimized for work well on small display, like smartphone and is full compatible with Android OS.
If you wanna meet new people from your country, of just from all the world, male, female, girls, boys, women, men etc, Chat Alternative look a really good Chattroulette application for smartphone.
This random video chat is free, but you can buy some elements in the App for a total of max 8 dollars (may be you need if you wanna have a premium service), but the base of the application, mean see random people from your smartphone, is totaly free.
The advantages of this android application are:
  1. You can use your smartphone frontal camera for show yourselft, and see others; no more boring text message chats with your phone.
  2. The app look pretty fast: you can see different people in few second of loading: you don't have to wait 1-2 min for chat with the next stranger!
  3. This Chatroulette is complete anonymous: noboy will know who you are! Your privacy will be all time safe.
  4. There are a lot of people using it (over 500.000 people have at least installed or tried it)

At moment Chat Alternative, is a good software because Android Users give it a ranking of 3,6/5 star: this mean this chatroulette for smartphone is not perfect but is pretty good for most of users.
If you wanna try it, download it from Google Play Store from your smartphone o from this link
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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Omegle Alternative: chat with strangers free without registration

Chat alternative with strangers Omegle
Are you looking for a real alternative to Omegle, one of the most important random chat, like chatroulette, in the web? Well if you don't like more the standard Omegle web site, may be you see to many naked man and few girl, you can try our real alternative.
Ome TV use the best standard script for see with your webcam the strangers from all the world, and is totaly free: you just need a good webcam, internet and your fantasy.
This chatroulette work only for PC Desktop, here a chatroulette for mobile android smartphones.
Remember that this chatroulette and Omegle alternative work only with your PC and not with smartphone o tablet; this software need a standard windows OS and a browser web that support javascript.
The software is optimized for work in your language, and language interface change because this software see your ip and know where are you from.
You can use audio and video or just text messages if you wanna, rember only to respect the rules of the chat or you will be banned: find, dating people, girls, mans, womans, boys with this Omegle alternative is very easy!
If you wanna try a specific chatroulette from your country, you can select our alternative for Italy, German, UK, Russia and more!
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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Chatroulette Gay and hetero: a real random chat alternative for all!

Try our Chatroulette Gay and hetero! It is a random chat alternative than chatroulette! You can chat with text or videochat with a webcam with a lot of people from all the world: infact this chat is also international. Looking for a girl or a men? Just see what you can find in this random chat that is full all day 24/24 working with a lot of different people: gay or hetero not make difference!. In this chat you can meet, dating, chat or videochat with all people also from the world for free! You just need a cam and a pc! Every time you can look for a different person clicking just on Next button if you wanna see what our chat can combine with a webcam and an internet connection!
This is the fun of the random chat: you don't know what you can see on next! This chatroulette work only for PC Desktop, here a chatroulette for mobile android smartphones.
Meetings friendships are key events in our society so many friends here and have fun with them, learn to use your webcam and use your charm to bewitch children or teens, your personality and the jokes are essential to be interesting! The chatroulette is a social phenomenon that allows everyone to be able to exercise even become better approach with strangers that are gay ore ethereal.
The original chatroulette was make by a russian 17 years old in the 2009. The site had a lot of success in the first 3 months of is life and now is one of the most famus website on the world. Chatroulette have more men (hetero or gay) than girl (hetero or gay): about 70% are men 30% are girls. Then if you need meet girl you have a little patience,

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Chatroulette is a dating chat? Single can meet a partner for friendship or more?

All know that Internet with chats is one of the most important system in the 21 century to know people from all the world; communication now is everywhere and all can say and see what they need in any time.
Most of people that using chat, like Chatroulette, are looking for know new people of opposite sex; men are looking for a women, women for men, but some time you can meet people that just wanna use a chat for fun and nothing more (of course there are people men with men and women with women!).

Is the chatroulette a good chat for dating? Let see

Is the Chatroulette a good dating system where you can find new friends or if better the love?

All we know that chatroulette is particular chat that show you random people from all the world or from your country and you never know who will be the next; for this is very fun it but may be is not faster and easier chat for get a dating; off curse there is a possibility because the love come when you will never know, but for meet girls or boys, you have to use specific chat for singles like dating sites.

Dating sites is a new way to know people, and only people you wanna really know; think about that over 40 millions of people in 2011-2012 are using this type of chats, and those web sites have increased the volume of their affair from 2007 to 2012 near 2,5X time; that mean that people use more those chats because they really work.

About 17% people in the world have married a partner know from the web using dating services; that mean find the love on Internet is really possible and have a good percentage.
Also people that know partners on the web marry faster than normal couple: the chat then help know better people than in others way?

The statistic in this sector show us that women, that use those chats for dating, most of time don't say all the time the true about weight, age and the height; they also update their account every 1 and half year as medium time; men are different they say their real age, height and weight most of the time and they upgrade faster their account, like every 6 month.

For find a partner dating services, chat for single look good but for have the 100% access on them you have to pay; then look well if you like this system.
Chatroulette in conclusion can be also good for  make friends and find love and is free, but is made for FUN; chat for single with dating service are optimized for find love and make friend and work a lot better, but is not all time free.
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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Videochat vs Webchat vs Chatroulette what are the difference? What choose?

What are the real difference between Video chat, Web Chat and the Chatroulette? What is the must fun software in the web for you and what you have to choose?
First you can difference them for historical appearance in the web and for technical/hardware requirement for use them.

The difference between a chatroulette a video chat and a web chat

WEB CHAT is the first software for communicate with people in the Internet using a relative modern PC; they are the most useful software for communicate with other people around the world with a simple 56k Modem or less.
Because of the low speed of Internet connection web chats, when they come out, have only text messages and they don't have sound or video possibility.
With new hardware like Web cams and faster Internet connection the web chat was supported by video chats in the online communication.

VIDEO CHAT: are considered the natural evolution of normal text chat, because they introduced for the first time the video/audio conversation, a big new in the social communication in the web
A lot of people starting buy a web cam and using more powerful Internet connection for have the best communication experience with them; people start loving see and speak to other people far from them, because is more fun than just send text to them.

CHATROULETTE: the chatroulette is a innovative variant of a video chat that help you see random people from all the world, that like you love see and speak with people with a web cam.
If you use a chatroulette you do it for fun and not for have a normal conversation with friends; you use chatroulette for see new people, casual people and you will never know who will be the next.

At conclusion we can say you that Web chat are useful if you use them on mobile phones at moment, if you have a PC you can use Video chat for communicate better with your local or online friends; video chat are good also for make new friends, but if you wanna have a real fun time, chatroulette is the best social chat you can use.
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Monday, February 17, 2014

Chatroulette for Android or Apple iOS: try Shake Chat is free!

There is for you a new and fun alternative chat, like chatroulette, you can try for Google Android and Apple iOS, the most used OS in smartphone and tablets.
If you are boring chat only in Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp application may be you are in the right place: we speak you about Shake Chat!

Shake chat is a chatroulette for Android and iOS smartphone and tablet free to use

Shake Chat have an innovative feature: you need to shake your mobile device for see new contacts that you can find in the chat's database.
Then all time you will shake your smartphone or tablet, you will see a new person: a girl or a boy, a women or a men that have a profile and most of time a photo; this is one of most important thing for dating people.

After if you like the profile of the person you have see, you can click on "I Like it" button of application; in this way the person who got the like can get a notification that show him that you like is profile; if this person like you she/he can contact you later, and you can also start chat with him or her.

Shake chat is not a stupid application: for help you find the person you want, you can use different filters for profile selection and see only people that have hobby's, idea, age, gender etc you wanna.
Sadly this application at moment not show you only people that live near you, but is total random location like a chatroulette; you need then a little patience and shake the smartphone or the tablet until you find a girl or a boy you like to contact and may be live in your country or your city.

Dating with Shake Chat for Android and iOS application

Shake Chat have a lot of like from users: over 70% think is a good application and very fun, about 25% think is a ok application but is nor more fun than others, and just only a 5% think the software is not good.
If you wanna try Shake chat and have fun with a mobile chatroulette software, that help you find and may be dating people, download it from Google Play Store for Android or from Apple store Itunes if you have an iPhone or an iPad.

I remember you this chatroulette application is total free and you can use with wifi and mobile 3G connection, have a large database (over 50000 people have it at moment) and work also as a dating chat.
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